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Invitations Addressing

Moore Creative offers help with Invitations Addressing for all of your Wedding Invitation needs.  Keep in mind, some of the etiquette for wedding invitations will not apply if you choose to have a boxed invitation suite.  Our spreadsheet will give you the proper wedding etiquette for addressing invitations. 

Formal Wedding Invitation Addressing Etiquette

Single Guests

Outer Envelope

Inner Envelope

Unmarried man

Mr. William Larson

Mr. Larson

Unmarried woman

Miss (or Ms.) Catherine Anderson

Miss (or Ms.) Anderson

Divorced woman, uses married name

Mrs. Catherine Larson

Mrs. Larson

Divorced woman, uses maiden name

Miss (or Ms.) Catherine Anderson

Miss (or Ms.) Anderson


Mrs. William Larson

Mrs. Larson

Unmarried Woman over 18 or a
Divorced Woman who retains her maiden name

Miss (or Ms.) Amy Smithers

Miss (or Ms.) Smithers and Guest

Unmarried or Divorced Man

Mr. Howard Croft

Mr. Croft and Guest





     Outer Envelope

Inner Envelope

Married and husband has a professional title

Doctor William Larson and Mrs. William Larson

Doctor Larson and Mrs. Larson

Married and wife has a professional title

Mr. William Larson and Doctor Joan Larson

Mr. Larson and Doctor Larson

Married and both have professional title

The Doctors William and Joan Larson

The Doctors Larson

Married and both have professional titles with different  last names

Doctor William Larson and Doctor Joan Peterson

Doctor Larson and Doctor Peterson

Married Couple - when the woman kept maiden name

Mrs. Carol Thompson
Mr. John Sigenthaler

Mrs. Thompson
Mr. Sigenthaler

Unmarried couples who live together address alphabetically by last name

Miss (or Ms.) Amy Carter
Mr. John Stevenson

Miss (or Ms.) Carter
Mr. Stevenson

Unmarried couples who do not share the same residence. You should send the invitation to the closest friend

Miss (or Ms.) Amy Carter

Miss (or Ms.) Carter
Mr. Stevenson

Same gender couples - alphabetically by last name

Miss (or Ms.) Melissa Franklyn
Miss (or Ms.) Stella Ziegler

Miss (or Ms.) Franklyn
Miss (or Ms.) Ziegler





Outer Envelope

Inner Envelope

Married couple with children under age 16

Do not put children's names on outer envelope.

Do not put "and Family" on outer envelope.

Only list parents' names on outer envelope.

Mr. and Mrs. Carlson
and Carla (1 child)
Mr. and Mrs. Carlson
Carla and James (2+children*)
*List by oldest child first

Child over 16

Miss Carla Carlson
Mr. James Carlson

Miss Carlson
Mr. Carlson

Children over 18 years old should be considered adults and receive their own invitation, even if still at the home of their parents who will also be invited to your wedding

Miss Amy Carter
Mr. Brian Atwater

Miss Carter and Guest
Mr. Atwater and Guest

Other examples of proper etiquette for Invitations Addressing

Other                                                                 Outer Envelope                                                  Inner Envelope


The Honorable Thurgood Thompson (If Single)
The Honorable and Mrs. Thurgood Thompson (If married)

Judge Thurgood
Judge Thurgood and Mrs.    Thompson

Doctor (Medical)

Doctor Michael Stokes (If Single)
Doctor and Mrs. Michael Stokes (If married)/td>

Doctor Stokes and Guest
Doctor and Mrs. Stokes

Doctor (Ph.D.)

Dr. Harry Keller

Dr. Keller and Guest

Married Woman Doctor

Doctor Patricia Neddles
Mr. Charles Lyons

Doctor Neddles
Mr. Lyons

Married Couple, Both Doctors

Doctors Sam and
Mary Hepler

The Doctors Hepler


The Reverend Jeremiah Whetheral

The Reverend Whetheral

Officer - Male who is active duty or retired from the service

General and Mrs. Barry Lynch

General and Mrs. Lynch

Officer - Female who is active duty or retired from the service

Captain Sandra Kellerman, U.S. Army
Mr. Anthony Giminiani

Lieutenant Kellerman
Mr. Giminiani




Please let Moore Creative know if you have any specific questions regarding a unique situation that is not listed on the above etiquette list.  If you plan to use only outer envelopes, then please direct your attention only to the outer envelope column.  Also, if you plan to purchase boxed invitaitons, then you will use the outer envelope category for the label on the box and there is also an option to have personalized tags with your guest's names that is hand tied to each individual beach invitation.  Contact Moore Creative with any specific Invitations Addressing questions.




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