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Why choose Moore Creative?

There are numerous beach invitation designs on the market; however Moore Creative prides itself in incorporating unique textures and beach chic embellishments into their one of a kind Invitation designs. 


Our clientele want more than the ordinary and are looking for something colorful, unique, beach chic, personal, and most of all...one of a kind.  We mix a variety of textures, beautiful papers, handmade pocket folders and unique Invitation embellishments into our designs.  We have so much fun working with each individual client and believe that our excitement transfers onto our clients.  That is the perfect reason to choose Moore Creative to help you make a lasting impression on your wedding guests.



How do I place an order with Moore Creative and what is the process?

Placing an order is easy…please visit our Invitation Design Process page to quickly get started. 



Can I customize one of your existing designs with different colors, shapes, embellishments or create matching paper accessory pieces?

Yes!  We can personalize any existing design to match your style or colors.  If you like a particular design but want a different invitation pocket, want to add/remove inserts that you don’t see in the sample, or need to change an invitation box to an envelope to bring costs down, we are happy to work with you.  We also can design coordinating menus, place cards, escort cards, table numbers, hotel welcome letters, itineraries, personalized beach totes, or anything else you would like for us to create for you.



What is the Price Range for your Custom Invitations?

Most of our designs are priced accordingly on our website.  If you wish to create a Custom Invitation from scratch, the price quote depends upon on the size of the order, materials used as well as the complexity of the finished design.  Our design prices are as individual as our client’s needs.  Most of our existing designs can be embellished or simplified to meet specific budgets if need be.



Why are your prices higher than some other companies?

Very simply, time and materials used to create one of a kind beach Invitations.  Moore Creative hand crafts their own textured and hand woven pocket fold Invitations and Mats.  We also use top quality papers, handmade papers, unique Invitation boxes and embellishments some of which are flown in from across the globe.  This affects the price of each design.  Unlike many services that offer mass-produced invitation templates that are customized by brides and then printed in large batches, all of our work is original and custom designed, requiring more personal attention and detail. 


We create everything by hand.  Each card, envelope and ribbon is individually hand cut, mounted, sealed or tied.  A typical couture beach invitation averages between 35 to 85 hours to complete from start to finish — often much more than the average work week. Our hand crafted Invitations directly affects the price, but results in a much more exceptional product.


What printing methods do you offer?

We offer a wide array of printing processes depending on the design, including flat offset printing, digital printing, embossing, foil stamping and letterpress.  Please let us know if you have a specific requirement for your invitation suite.  All prices on the website are quoted using flat printing, unless otherwise noted.


Can I look at the various Invitation Samples? 

Yes.  If we have the opportunity to meet in person, you can look through all of our samples, textured paper materials, pocket folds, metallic cardstock, handmade papers and embellishments. 


Can you mail me a Sample?

Yes.  Most of the clients we work with are from out of state and live internationally.  If you are not located within the Tampa Bay area and wish to see our work in person, you can purchase a sample of the design of your choice, which we will create and mail to you.  The sample fee is used to cover the cost of materials, setup and shipping, and will be applied as a credit to your future order.


Sample Invitation Prices are based on the specific materials involved, but many of our flat samples can be purchased for $15.  If you wish to purchase a boxed Invitation sample, the price is $25 and will be applied as a credit to your future order.


Sample Textured Pocket Fold swatches are available for a cost of $1 each or you can purchase a Pocket Fold for $15.  Inventory varies, and we may not have the specific size or material in stock.  Contact us for availability.


Do you print two-sided Invitations?

Yes, this comes in handy when printing bilingual wedding invitations as well as our hand painted invitations.


How many extra Invitations should I order?

We recommend ordering 10% additional invitation sets than on your final guest list.  The list can fluctuate and unexpected additions may arise.  These extras will often become keepsakes, and will cover any last-minute additions that are necessary, without requiring an expensive, rushed reorder with additional production fees.  It is always cheaper and safer to order extra up front to save yourself time and money.


How far in advance should I order my Invitations?

Because your invitation sets the tone for your entire event and thus can influence floral, accent, and motif decisions we recommend that you start the invitation process as soon as the venue location and date has been chosen.  Preferably, six to nine months in advance.  If this isn't possible, planning ahead by at least four to six months will still avoid a rush.


When do I need to mail my Wedding Invitations?

Typically, wedding invitations are sent out 6 – 8 weeks prior to the wedding date; however, with destination weddings becoming so popular, couples often mail destination invitations 10 – 12 weeks out.


How long will my order take to complete?

Depending on our production schedule and the complexity and size of your order, our process can take anywhere from two weeks to four weeks to complete.  If custom fabrics, materials or papers need to be ordered, that can lengthen the process.

We generally complete most custom orders within 2 – 3 weeks, start to finish


Do you accept Rush Orders?

Yes, but this depends on our schedule and the complexity of your design, so we accept rush orders on a case-by-case basis.  Depending on your design materials and order size, rush charges range from 20% to 30% of the total order.  A rush order is typically completed in under two weeks for larger and more complicated orders, the time frame could be up to 3 weeks.


Do you charge Sales Tax?    

We only charge Florida Residents sales tax, who are required to pay 7% sales tax.



Do you know how much my Invitations will be to mail?

Because many of our designs are contained in unique Invitation mailing boxes and exclusive packaging, postage for our invitations will be higher than an ordinary flat invitation.  Final postage will depend on the size and the weight of your finished invitation set, so you will need to weigh one complete invitation set at the post office to determine the exact postage.  If you need a rough estimate of the postage, we will be happy to give you one after we determine the number of inserts as well as the various embellishments that are chosen in your Invitation suite.



Can you print the delivery addresses of my guests onto the invitation mailing boxes or the Invitation envelopes?

We require your invitation list to be in an Excel spreadsheet.  We will provide you with a sample spreadsheet that you can compile your addresses in the proper format or we can review an existing spreadsheet.  Please note, it is proper etiquette to spell out all words in the address.  Do not abbreviate anything in the address such as Street, Court, City or State. 


For example:


Salutation First & Last Name (Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rayhall)

Address 1 (4329 North Main Street)

Address 2 (Suite 15A)

City, State (Saint Petersburg, Florida)

Zip Code (33703)


Can I cancel my order or get a refund?

We understand circumstances can change, and we try to be as flexible as possible.  Once production has begun, we will be able to increase quantities for an additional cost, but we are unable to lower quantities, since materials have been purchased and work has been completed.


Cancellations: if you must cancel after a deposit has been made, and we have not yet begun production, we will refund your deposit minus a 25% cancellation fee and any costs that were incurred up to the point of cancellation.  Once orders have gone into production, we are unable to offer a refund and we will require full payment.

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